Florida Gun Shop Supports Law Enforcement

A Lakeland, FL Gun Shop Derringer Firearms is showing it's support for local Law Enforcement by giving customers "Support Law Enforcement" signs for their yard. 
Gun shop owner Dan Derringer said," with what we see on the news and the nonsense that  is going on around the country I think it's time, the "good folks",  stand up and let their voice be heard".  Derringer went on,  " Most of the folks in this country are honorable law abiding citizens, that work hard, obey the law, and respect their fellow man. The Good Guys need to take charge of their neighborhoods and communities and support our friends in Law Enforcement".
Store Manager Ashton Bardwell said, "We have family members and lots of friends in Law Enforcement in Lakeland and Polk County.  We love them and care about their well being and support the difficult job they do daily".
Bardwell invited customers and friends to "stop by and pick up a sign for your yard and help us show the men and women who help keep our community safe, that we care".

florida gun shop supports law enforcement

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